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 About us: FITTZ

FITTZ is the shopping place for stylish young fashion aware male. You will find in-house designed and developed affordable stuff. Impulses from the international fashion and music scene are mixed with street styles from all over the world and translated into affordable young men's fashion items. All year you can find new outfits in the newest styles.


When entering a FITTZ-store you stride into a different dimension, the stuff on offer is that much different compared to the uniformity you generally find in shopping areas.


In the FITTZ dimension you will feel at home. Good music, attractive gadgets and a great staff. An atmosphere as you would expect in a trendy bar or cosy club. This is also translated in our stock: sturdy, but also elegant and sexy men's clothes, making use of innovative fabrics we create styles with a strong emphasis on fitting resulting in items with the same allure and glamour as shown on the international catwalk.


At FITTZ you meet our young and enthusiastic staff. Come and see us in one of our shops. The FITTZ team eventually helps you select your favourite outfit.


Tune in to fashion at FITTZ!



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