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Suit up with our blazers!

Throw on your blazers!

Our Zumo blazers are the perfect items to get dressed up with. The Zumo suits are known for their perfect fit and high quality finish. These features make our Zumo blazers a great addition to your outfit. Whether you are wearing a shirt, polo or t-shirt, the Zumo blazers add the neccesary amount of style anyway. Look smart, chic and stylish, just throw on your blazer!

Zumo blazers

Our blazer collection contains various models and colours, which you can create your own identity with. You can simply add several blazers to your personal collection. Depending on the mood and opportunity you wear it for, pick the suitable one! Go for grey, antharacite or navy to keep it simple, classy, and easely to combine with almost all of your shirts! If you like to get noticed, then you are in the right place! Our blazer collection contains outstanding contrast models which are designed with a unique combination of colors. Beside eye catching colors you will find blazers made of different fabrics for a unique and fashionable look.

How to wear your blazers?

Formal or casual? You want to go out looking fancy, but you don’t know for sure you have to throw on a complete suit? A good alternative is to pair your blazers with jeans. Call it smart casual: a look which perfectly suits almost every occansion, a drink, party, birthday or lunch, you name it. If you don’t like jeans you can also grab a slim chino or trousers. You definitely want the perfect match. Make sure the color of your blazer matches your shoes, pants or belt. If you don’t have the colors matching your blazer, you could go with complementary colors. For a fancy look, complete your outfit bij wearing loafers, and don’t forget about the tie.

Blazers & Suits

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