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Zumo Coat

The Coat, stay classy and dry!

With a Zumo coat you’ll never have to worry about getting wet or cold. Whatever the weather is like, we've got the coat you need. Whether you are walking on the street or having fun at a festival, Zumo will make sure your moment won’t be screwed up by drizzle. Stay dry and fashionable without wasting your outfit. The Zumo coat is designed with the latest trends so you can cover up for rainy days in style. Thanks to the high quality materials the Zumo coat is waterproof and windproof. Our collection rocks and we have the perfect items for layering beneath a suit for warmth and unexpected visual texture, which make it versatile for you.

Look great and stand out

Above all practical benefits the Zumo coat is the perfect item to finish your look with. This stylish, long or semi-long coats are definitely back in fashion. Because of its unique design and Italian tailored fit you really stand out with a Zumo coat which will prove useful for years. Beside the fact that the coat is the ideal item to take with you wherever you go, you wear it for many occasions. Zumo coats come in various models and colors, like grey, camel, white and black. The collection includes coats with a very minimalist design to coats with subtle details like double-breasted or hooded.

Shop your outfit

Beside coats you can also shop your other garments in our web shop. Our collection includes all essentials for the perfect outfit such as t-shirts, shirts, jeans, sweatshirts, pulls, jackets, leather jackets, pants, blazer & suit, polo’s, shoes, slacks and accessories. If you love fashion and like to look good day and night Zumo-International is the shopping place for you!


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