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At Out-Fitz concepts Ltd, the parent company of Fittz retail and Zumo International, your privacy is of major importance.

Processing your information
When you visit our website, buy something, sign up for our newsletter or want to ask us anything, we will ask your personal data, bank details and/or payment details.
We will use this data to;

·       Inform you about our organization, products and activities;

·       To process your order and to keep you up to date on its progress;

·       To be able to provide services and invoice;

·       To be able to respond to your questions;

·       To inform third parties so they are able to do their job for Fittz or Zumo or due to legal requirements;

We do not sell or rent out obtained personal data via this website or customer service, unless we have an agreement as stated in our privacy policy.
Cookies are small files that are saved by in your computer’s, smartphone’s or tablet’s browser while visiting a website. They are used to save your password, username, order status, personal setting etc. Saved information in a cookie could be used to log in automatically. Personal information will only be saved when you filled in this information yourself on the website that placed the cookie on your computer.

Why do we use Cookies? 
Cookies will help you to use as many functions as possible on our website. By gathering information we could offer the best shop experience possible.
Tracking pixels are used to see how many times our newsletter had been opened and how many times the links had been clicked.

Out-Fitz concepts uses cookies for;

·       Technical reasons for example to keep track of your session and to provide checkout services and payment services;

·       Distinguishing you from other visitors of this website. By doing this we adjust the webiste to your personal preferences for when you visit our website again;

·       Generating statistics on the amount of visitors and their behaviour;

What cookies do we use?;
Session cookies
Session cookies save session-identification information, that are not identified personally. Session cookies are temporarily saved and deleted when you close your browser.
Persistent cookies 
Persistent cookies collect information about browsing behaviour and personal preferances for a specific website. These cookies will be saved until they become outdated or deleted by yourself.

First-party cookies
These are cookies that are placed by Fittz and Zumo. These are used to remember your username of products in your shopping cart.

Third-party cookies
These are cookies placed by third parties to track your behaviour on various websites. However, they are not able to indentify you as an individual person.
These external parties are companies that we collaborate with in shared marketingapplications and other parties such as Google.

Plugins Social media 
These plugins give you the ability to share our site with friends on social media. Fittz and Zumo do not control the settings of these cookies. When you are using these plugins and would like to receive more information about the what data is being obtained and what they are used for, you could find the service provider’s privacy policy below;

·       Facebook:

·       Instagram:

·       Tumblr:

·       Pinterest:

·       YouTube:

·       Twitter:

·       Google+:

Adjusting cookie settings
Often, browsers accept cookies automatically.
Cookies are being placed when using the website, unless you adjust your browser settings to decline cookies.
When browsing this website you agree to the usage of cookkies as explained in this privacy policy. If you do not agree, you could decline the usage of cookies by adjusting your browser settings. This differs per browser and there is a possibility you are not able to use every function of this website.You could also adjust your browser settings to notify you when cookies are being used. This website needs certain cookies to work.
Out-Fitz concepts Ltd guarantees all your personal data are secured. We make sure data is tranfered from your computer to our server as safe as possible. Out-Fitz concepts Ltd has taken technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against illegal processing.

Links to other websites
Sometimes you will find links to other websites on in our web shop. We are not responsible and liable for the processing of your data by these websites. Therefore, you should read the privacy policy of the website concerned.
In case you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, you could e-mail our service department

Privacy policy version May 2017

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