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Zumo shirts

What’s a guy without shirts?

Men’s shirts are essential and have become real fashion items. The style of men's shirts says a lot about your sense of fashion. You can wear the Zumo shirts anyway you want! It has an endless number of possible combinations which makes it a must have for every season. Whatever the weather is like, our essentials will definitely make you shine. Roll up your sleeves or just let them down, get your button loosed or fixed, or layer it with another peace of outerwear like a sweatshirt or cardigan. You can wear it formal or more casual, the shirt makes you look classy in both ways without a doubt.

Men’s shirts for every occasion.

The moment a man can wear a shirt are countless. In the Zumo collection you will find anything from basic to denim shirts. Most off them have a slim fit for a powerful look. You can see the Italian influences throughout the whole collection. Whether you go formal, casual or classy sometimes less is just more. Our collection contains various models, fabrics, colors and fits. White and light blue are the traditional colors, but colorful shirts or shirts with prints give a cool mix to your style. Get your own unique look now!

Wide range of models

  • Longline
  • Denim
  • Longsleeve
  • Sweat
  • Striped
  • Splatter paint
  • Cotton
  • Round bottom

Complete your look

Combine your shirt with our Zumo jeans, shoes or match it with a sweatshirt to stay comfortable and stylish when it gets colder at night. Complete your personal look by wearing the right jeans and finish it with our dope sneakers or elegant slip on shoes. Highlight your outfit with eye-catchers and finish it with smooth essentials. At Zumo we strive that our customers make a fashion statement regardless which style they choose. Create a look which fits your mood and style.


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