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Zumo sweatshirts

Zumo sweatshirts make a statement!

Every fashion aware man has to have at least a couple of sweatshirts in his wardrobe. With that in mind Zumo made multiple different sweatshirts so you look good for every occasion, whether it’s a casual day or a night out. The Zumo sweatshirts are known for their comfortable fit and high-end looks. On this page you will find sweatshirts, hoodies and cardigans all displayed in an organized way. Our fashion designers designed sweatshirts that will definitely fit your personal style.

Origin of the sweatshirt

The sweatshirt originates from the sports fashion segment, but has been used in every fashion segment for years now. We see a trend in layering your longline T-SHIRTS with the perfect sweatshirt. Our sweatshirts are also great to combine with a pair of our latest JEANS. The sweatshirt it’s a strong part of every trendy look nowadays. Whether it’s a nice basic sweater or a fashionable designed sweater you will definitely stand out of the crowd with our brand. We offer you appealing colors and designs that you just don’t see anywhere else. Zumo likes to be ahead of time and therefore we try to create the next trend every season.

Inspiration for sweatshirts

Our fashion designers always try to bring unique looks straight from the catwalk to the streets. Every day we post pictures of our brand on our social media channels especially for you! So follow us on our social media channels and see all the different ways you can layer your sweatshirts or mix different styles together to create a unique look. We always want to know what our customers wear. Take a picture with your Zumo gear and tag us. We may post you on our social media channels.

Zumo hoodies and cardigans

We also have various hoodies and cardigans so you can mix up your style. Our hoodies are available in short and long sleeves making our collection suitable for every season. The Zumo cardigans are designed to make you look smashing day and night.




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