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Turtleneck knits, the champion trend this fall

published 2021-10-07 13:46:00

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Nothing says fall like the turtleneck. During fall, when temperatures are still quite high but there’s that cold breeze, the turtleneck will keep you warm and cozy. What better way to celebrate fall than brown, falling leaves, hot tea, burning fireplaces and a good, comfy look with a classy Zumo turtleneck? 

Turtleneck knits are essential wardrobe staples that look exclusive and traditional. This very versatile item can be worn in many different ways, creating sophisticated and elegant looks. It’s a great layering piece that creates warmth and style to every single look. Zumo turtlenecks come in any fit, size and color that you can think of. This makes it effortless to incorporate them into your existing wardrobe. 

How to wear the turtleneck

This year, the turtleneck is a champion trend. However, they can be intimidating for many men as the traditional versions of this high neck piece might have been seen as old-fashioned. Present-day turtlenecks nonetheless are flattering and voguish. They can be perfect for any occasion, like a formal diner or a casual night out with friends. 

Suited- and booted

Zumo turtlenecks are a perfect match with the suit. Wearing it with a classy chino and a matching blazer exudes class while maintaining the masculine look and strong silhouette. When it comes to shoes, keep them sleek and polished and make sure they match the turtleneck by color to completely finish your look.


Smart casual vibes

For a more trendy, effortless look, tuck the slim fit turtleneck into a good pair of fitted jeans or soft pants. Combine this with a slim fit winter coat and a pair of sneakers to achieve the perfect balance of smart and casual.



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